Client: Tullamore Dew

Director: Ellius Grace

Script: Felispeaks

Talent: Adam Mohamed

Cinematographer: Albert Hooi

Editor: John Cutler at Motherland

First AC: JP Quill

Sound: Steven Power

Styling: Zoe Redmond

Sound Design: Jenny O'Malley

Colourist: Leandro Arouca, Element
Post Production

Production: by Studio District

Tullamore D.E.W. has teamed up with District to celebrate Ireland’s evolving identity with a short film that features words written by Felispeaks and performed by up-and-coming spoken word artist Adam Mohamed.

For as long as it has existed, Ireland’s greatest storytellers have shone a light on the nuances of identity and the vibrancy of our culture. The short film ‘More Than Ever’ sees acclaimed playwright Felispeaks and up-and-coming spoken word artist Adam Mohamed maintain this rich tradition as they carry the torch for the next generation of writers.

The film opens a window into what diversity looks like in Ireland today from rural towns to bustling cities. The video showcases the sights & sounds of Ireland’s streets, its ethnic shop fronts, pubs, and beautiful rolling landscape. It does this through a myriad of stories that are different, but equally Irish, providing a vignette into the face of modern Ireland.

This is an important topic for Tullamore D.E.W. as we believe in blending, (not just in whiskey!) and we strive to break down barriers of thinking by opening up new worlds of collaboration and creativity in a modern Ireland. “More than ever” adopts a belief that our culture is like whiskey - fluid, maturing and ever evolving, so cheers to that!