Work: Lady On The Rock

Location: Dublin

Date: 2021

Creative Direction: Zoe Redmond

Photography: Liadh Conolly

Design: Michael Simpson
01 — The Garden Shoot
‘The Lady of The Northside’ is a body of work in collaboration with photographer Liadh Connolly. This work includes a series of photoshoots surrounding a strong theme of the empowerment of women within the working class area of Dublin.

The Lady of The Northside  formed when I  began to question the symbolic figure of ‘The Lady on the Rock’ - a porcelain statue which features prominently in the windows of working class homes in Dublin. The statue holds pride of place in many  of these windows and encouraged me to delve deeper into my own experience as a young woman growing up in Coolock.
“This personal exploration has encouraged me to delve deeper into my own experience as a young woman growing up in Coolock. I have always been surrounded by such amazing, influential women including me Ma, me Nannies, aunties and me best friends. I am eternally grateful to these women. I want to make work that makes them proud of me. The Lady on the Rock has given me confidence, I now know I don’t have to look far for inspiration, she’s been with me my whole life. Now I see her and I hope she sees me.”

Featured in Totally Dublin

02 — Still Life Shoot

A woman who knows this lady more than most is Rachel Doran, Daughter of Vincent Doran who founded Dublin Mouldings in the late eighties, where The Lady on the Rock statue was created and still continues to be made everyday.

The Lady has always reminded Rachel that everything will be okay and makes her feel empowered every time she looks at her. “She was there to help me feel like a strong woman again, fuck it, sail through, head up, keep goin”.

03 — Wheatpastes

Dear Dublin, I love ye so much , I wanted to connect with you on an even deeper level than I already do. So I thought I’d plaster myself all over the gaff.

04 — Zine

A love letter from me to Dublin. She is a mystery, no one knows who she is or where she came from but she is the driving force behind this project, a symbol of pride in my working class roots. 50% of all proceeds of the zine go to Womens Aid and Inner City Helping Homeless.
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