Work: Styling vintage and second-hand menswear
Location: Smithfield Fruit and
Vegetable Market, Dublin, Ireland.
Model: Troy Slattery, Not Another Agency
Date: July 2019
Details: A three part project where myself and photographer Liadh Connolly looked at cultural/historic places in Dublin that were soon to be demolished and used fashion and photography to capture the essence of these places before they disappeared, such as The Smithfield fruit and vegetable market, The Bernard Shaw and Mac Salvage Yard.

All clothes sourced from charity shops all over Dublin, really emphasizing the fact that I have reused the same pieces from other shoots, showing that clothes can be styled and worn in loads of different ways creating a more sustainable approach to fashion.

Shoot 02 —  
Model: Donal Talbot
Location: The Bernard Shaw, Dublin, Ireland.
Date: July 2019

Shoot 03 —
Model: James O Connor, Not Another Agency
Location: Mac Salvage
Date: July 2019